Wallpaper for T46 Series

The size for the best wallpaper on the Yealink T-46 is 480*272 pixels. If you have a wallpaper request simply send the image into our support portal and we can resize it for you and send it back. Or if you would like simply open any photo editing software on your computer and resize the images to the dimensions above.

Here is the one we have assigned to ours by default on provisioning.


To set your image to your phone after you have resized it. Press the OK button on your phone, and obtain your IP address.


Go to that IP address in your browser and login with the username and password. This can be obtained from us in a ticket or from your IT Director. Once you have logged in, click on the settings tab at the top. In that menu you will see the upload image box and you will be able to apply your new wallpaper.



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