User Guide for T-46

Here is the screen of the T-46. Below I have some lines assigned to me and a record button. We usually deploy this same config on all new installs. At the top left you have your extension, at the top right is the time and date, on the very bottom are keys called soft keys. The traditional keys while the phone is on hook is History, Directory, DND, and Menu. 


  • History will show you all of your received, dialed, and missed calls.
  • Directory will show you the Local Directory and Remote Phone Book Directory.
    • Remote Phone book directory is the global directory for the entire system.
    • Local Phonebook Directory is the users personal directory they can have on their phone
    • History will show you the exact same thing as your history soft key.


  • DND (Do Not Disturb) is a soft key on the phone that can be toggled on or off.
    • At the top of the screen is a DND indicator, with this on you will not receive calls, all calls will go to voicemail.


  • On a missed call you will get a popup notification and a blinking light on the top right of your phone. This blinking light will not go away until you have acknowledged the missed call.
    • At the top bar of the screen you will also see a missed call icon. Right now the icon is showing I have 2 missed calls. 


  • To clear this notification you will have to View or press the History button. Pressing the History button will show you all of the calls that have taken place on the phone. If you arrow right you will just see the missed calls. After you have viewed these missed calls the notification on the top of your phone will go away as well as the blinking light.




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