Transferring a Call

There are two ways we can transfer a call to someone. We can do a blind transfer (what is most common) or we can do an attended transfer. Let's go over both.


Blind Transfer

A blind transfer is when you transfer the caller to a ring group or another agent without speaking to the new agent first.

Using this option, the agent you select for transferring the call will hear his/her phone ring and can accept or reject the transfer. Once the call is accepted, it will be dropped on your end.

Follow these steps to Blind transfer a call to a ring group or agent:

  • Answer the call on your phone
  • Press the Transfer soft key on the bottom of your screen
  • Type the extension or press the speed dial button you have for them on your phone


Attended Transfer

A attended transfer is when you speak with the new agent before the call is transferred. You can tell the destination agent about the caller’s issue and give any background information before transferring the call (without the caller hearing).

Follow these steps to do an Attended Transfer:

  • Answer the call on your phone
  • Place the caller on hold by pressing the soft key on the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the New Call button that is on the bottom of your screen.
  • Either dial the new agents extension or find them in the directory.
  • Once on the call with the new agent and they agree to take the call, press the transfer button.
  • You will see your existing call that is on hold for you to choose. Arrow to it and press OK.
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