What is 10DLC?

Update: 10DLC will be effective with most carriers starting July 5, 2023 and mandatory August 31, 2023.

10DLC (10 Digit Long Code) for SMS refers to a new messaging framework introduced by mobile carriers in the United States to improve the reliability and deliverability of Application-to-Person (A2P) text messages. A2P messages are those sent from businesses and organizations to individuals.

Traditionally, A2P messaging has been conducted using short codes, which are 5- or 6-digit numbers. However, as A2P messaging has grown in popularity, short codes have become limited in availability and expensive for businesses to obtain.

To address these challenges, 10DLC was introduced as an alternative messaging option. It allows businesses to use a local 10-digit phone number for sending A2P messages instead of relying solely on short codes. Here are some key points about 10DLC:

Improved Deliverability: By leveraging local phone numbers, 10DLC aims to improve message deliverability rates, ensuring that more messages reach their intended recipients.

Increased Scalability: 10DLC offers a larger pool of available phone numbers compared to short codes, allowing businesses to scale their messaging operations more effectively.

Trust and Compliance: The 10DLC framework helps enhance trust and compliance by requiring businesses to register their messaging campaigns and adhere to certain guidelines to minimize spam and unwanted messages.

Carrier Vetting: Carriers perform a vetting process for businesses before allowing them to use 10DLC. This verification process helps reduce fraudulent activities and maintain a higher quality of messaging traffic.

Pricing: 10DLC typically offers more cost-effective options for businesses, especially those with lower messaging volumes, as the costs associated with obtaining and maintaining a 10-digit number are generally lower than those for short codes.

Message Throughput: 10DLC generally provides higher message throughput compared to shared short codes, allowing businesses to send messages at a faster rate.

Regional Targeting: With 10DLC, businesses can choose numbers with specific regional area codes, enabling more localized messaging and potentially improving customer engagement.

Use Cases: 10DLC is suitable for various A2P messaging use cases, including customer notifications, appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, marketing campaigns, and more.

Compliance Requirements: To use 10DLC, businesses need to follow compliance requirements set by carriers and industry regulators, such as obtaining consent from recipients, honoring opt-out requests, and complying with relevant regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Transition Period: As 10DLC is relatively new, there is a transition period during which businesses and carriers are migrating from short codes to 10DLC. During this phase, it's important for businesses to understand the guidelines and timelines provided by carriers to ensure a smooth transition.

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