Setting up your Voicemail

To set your voicemail press the Mail button on your phone, or dial *97. Enter your provided PIN (this is most likely your extension number if you haven't set one yourself). From this menu you can press 1 to play your messages. 

Recording a greeting

Press option 5 (Advanded Options) from the voicemail menu. Then press option 1 to record a greeting, the system will ask you to choose a greeting between 1 and 9. If you have not done a greeting before you can choose 1. Record your greeting and confirm it. If you want to just record your name you can do so from the same Advanced Options menu, and then press 3 to record your name.

Changing your PIN

From the Advanced Options menu (option 5) changing your PIN can be done by pressing option 6. If you have not changed your VoiceMail PIN since your system was installed it is highly recommended that you do so. If for some reason you cannot remember your PIN number, a member of our support team can reset it for you via helpdesk ticket.

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