Feature Codes

Voicemail (*97) - To check your voicemail


Voicemail Menu (*98) - Voicemail Menu to check any users voicemail


Intercom (*8ext) - *8 followed by the extension to intercom that extension. Example *8207 will intercom extension 207.


Call Pickup (**ext) - If you see someones phone ring or hear it and you want to answer it, dial ** followed by their extension and it will pick up their line as if you were sitting at their desk.


Recording (*732) - For doing a simple call recording for anything you might need.


Send to Voicemail (*99ext) - If you know that someone is in a meeting and they just had someone call in that wants to talk to them. You can just transfer the caller to the persons voicemail so you do not disturb them in their meeting. This would be a nifty feature to use to transfer someone to a teacher that is currently teaching class.


Directory (*411) - Just a simple dial by name directory.


Hold Music (*9664) - If you feel that people don't put you on hold enough as it it. You can put yourself on hold. :)


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