Call Broadcast

First we will need the audio file you would like to be played to each broadcast recipient. We can either do this by uploading an MP3 file, or by making a recording from any phone on the system, including softphones. 


To record from a phone, dial *732, when prompted for a password, use 1234. You should be prompted for an ID - you can set this to whatever you want, just make sure to remember the ID you type so you can identify it later. 


To upload an MP3, from our web interface go to Apps - > Recordings 

Click choose file, then upload. 


You will need an IVR to play the recording in the broadcast, to set this up go to Apps -> IVR Menus. Click the + at the right side of the screen, set a name relevant to your broadcast, and set an extension that isn't being used by anything else. In the Greet Long dropdown, select the recording with the name or ID you created. In exit action, choose hangup at the bottom, and then click save. 


In Apps -> Call broadcast, you will click the + button

Set name relevant to the group you are broadcasting to, timeout to the amount of time you want it to ring, concurrent limit to 15-30 (how many simultaneous calls the server will make), caller ID name what you would like the call to show up as, and Call ID number to the number you want the calls to come from. Destination number will be the IVR you want to send the calls to, and phone number list can be a plaintext list of numbers, or you can upload a csv, as long as it fits the sample file formatting.


Repeating may be a bit simpler, you don't have to rebuild the IVR, you can just change the greet long to another recording, and in the Call Broadcast menu you can edit the phone number list and the destination number. 

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